Welcome to a new week!

Products by Becky Kemp, Sketch,inc

Products by Becky Kemp, Sketch,inc

The weekend is gone and we are recovering from all the party + fun. Right? But Mondays are perfect because we can start fresh, we can start something new, we have a new chance to begin, to inspire, to grow, to learn. Begin your week with these words...

Success is a state of mind. If you want success, start thinking of yourself as a success
— Dr. Joyce Brothers


Hello, lovely people. Lazy-sunday is here and today I want to master the art of observing. I want to stop. I want to feel the life around me. And just be lazy...

April is bringing great lessons and this is what I've learned this week:

1 | Stop. I need to stop more. I need to observe more. I need to breathe more.

2 | Smile. Smiling is amazing for our body and soul.

3 | DIY. My days, my job, my life. Every day.

4 | Silence. Can be golden and can hurt.

5 | Life. Gets in the way, so many times. 

6 | Will. If I change my mind, I can improve so many things in my life.

7 | Power. The power is within me. 

Have a great lazy-sunday!


Because today is Saturday, words of wisdom day...

Because of the routines we follow, we often forget that life is an ongoing adventure. Life is pure adventure, and the sooner we realize that, the quicker we will be able to treat life as art: to bring all our energies to each encounter, to remain flexible enough to notice and admit when what we expected to happen did not happen. We need to remember that we are created creative and can invent new scenarios as frequently as they are needed.
— Maya Angelou

Fashion FRIDAY 4 || Adoring prettiness.

Happy Friday, lovely people!

Beautiful things don’t ask for attention.
— from "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty"

Yes, I still love to blog. But things are still a bit busy + crazy busy and I still haven't managed to properly blog. Although I do love to blog. You know that, right?

I hope you can enjoy this lovely dress that I bring today, on this super sunny Friday. It's from Zara. It's pretty. It's my style. 

Lazy sundays 3 || lessons learned this week

The last few days where fueled with change. Amazing things happened around me and my life. I've learned great lessons that I would like to share today, on this superb lazy-sunday. Here it goes:

  • Speaking with our heart and holding the truth in our hands is liberating.
  • Storms can help in the healing process.
  • If we love ourselves things will be much easier.
  • Successful people don't have it all together.
  • Relaxing moments help A-LOT! 
  • Practice leads to experience. 
  • Unsubscribing old + 'when did I subscribe this' lists makes us happy. 
  • Chocolate is more addictive than red lipstick.
  • Taking long showers with our one year old playing around the bathroom and screaming out-loud can be a relaxing therapy. 
  • I am enough. 
  • I trust the process even if it hurts, even if I want to scream, even if I want to laugh, even if I want to cry, even if I want to give up and go back. 
  • It is still so hard to forgive and to forget.

Great + fun + truly hard lessons, right? And how was your week? Are you ready to tackle the next with great vibes + positive energy? 

Happy Sunday! 

Words of wisdom 4 || on trusting the process

This here is key for you to move through these sometimes wonderful/sometimes most painful times. You must hold this position of being sure of yourself even if friction and discord is on your doorstep and causing you to doubt whether you are the one who has a problem and others are the ones in the glowing issue-less position.
Friction is going to find us in these days and you just need to speak your truth, say it from the heart, honor that the other has an opinion too, and don’t fall back into old world ways of fighting that are about hurtful words and lashing reactions.
So say what you need to say in a way that does not create a backlash of karma and then stay cool and let it go. The more confident you can be and with trusting yourself, the sooner the synchronicities and magical connections can start finding you. Hold steady! Don’t buy into thinking you are such a bad person who is so far from the healed state. Trust this process. Magic is on the way.
— Aquarius Nation

Fashion FRIDAY 3 || Blue, I love you.

Friday arrived oh so quickly. I did not notice she (because fridays are girls, right?!) was coming already. Do you feel the same?

Alexander MacQueen knit dress via Farfetch 

Alexander MacQueen knit dress via Farfetch 

The dress I've picked for this rainy friday is totally inspired by the catwalk trends + new S/S collections. Blue is 'popping' everywhere and I love it. Plus, I would love to find a perfect blue summer dress and this one will be used as an inspiration. 

What do you think? This MacQueen Dress is gorgeous, right? 

WISHLIST 4 || I believe in pink

Because pink is always a good idea to inspire my posts, my Monday, my life. 

Products by Falling into London

In the beginning of March I've decided to accept a challenge, blog every day, 100 days in a row. But I am failing miserably. Between my kid, my job and my personal life I am having a hard time keeping up the pace. But I am not a quitter, so thank you March for bringing so much change, ideas, energy, passion, will, and power to make things happen. 

Happy Monday! 

Lazy sundays 2 || beginners guide to be lazy on a sunday

Hi there workaholic + internet addict + social media lover. How are you? Did you know it's Sunday? Did you know Sundays are the most perfect days to be lazy, to get off the internet, to forget social media? If you didn't I'm here to guide you and help you transform your Sundays in the most perfect + relaxing + uber lazy days.

Image by Rough Guides

Image by Rough Guides

From experience, I know that when you are a workaholic + internet addict + social media lover it's hard to let go, forget, and disconnect for a few hours. And in the first few Sundays it will be hard and you won't fully enjoy your relaxation, but those feelings shall pass. Believe me. 

Disclaimer || I am certified as the 'Lazy Sunday Gal' and I've been doing this for a long time now. Today, I felt like sharing what I've learned along the way, what works for me, what doesn't work for me, my favorite Sunday activity, and some good songs I like to listen while I do 'absolutely-freaking-nothing'. Shall we start?

It’s best to start out very easy, at a slow pace, and focus not on the intensity of your relaxation but on how long you’re really enjoying your Sunday. Start slowly and in small amounts of time. Do this for the first two Sundays, and if you want you can gradually increase your time. It will be hard to do nothing. But you will get there. So, you need to:

  1. Find an activity you truly love and keep postponing and make sure its a comfortable + enjoyable + relaxing activity. Why? Because after a hard working week, you totally deserve it. 
  2. Find the best time in your day for your 'do-nothing' activity. Make it part of your Sunday 'lazy-routine'. 
  3. Disconnect from all the 'dizziness' of your life + 'switch-off' from social media + forget your electronic devices and just be free.
  4. Put on some comfy clothes. 
  5. Prepare your favorite beverage. 
  6. Find a place to enjoy these moments.
  7. Smile, 'laugh-out-loud', dance, jump... and enjoy your day. 
  8. Have no expectations of what kind of experience you should + or need to have. Just savor the moment, be kind to yourself, plus don't feel obligated to do this. 

My tips || Make it a habit. Equip yourself with your favorite magazines. Listen to good + relaxing music. Go out and go check that cool restaurant you've been meaning to try for a long time now. Invite some family + friends. Have a brunch. Take a walk. Go to a Museum. Go dancing. Nap. Prepare your favorite drink. Be yourself. Laugh. 

What I usually do on a Sunday || Sleep late. Take a long + lazy breakfast. Go for a walk. Read a magazine - Elle + Home Décor are my latest reading cravings. Take some photos. Listen to some music - Gisela João, One Republic, Queen, Florence + The Machine... and do nothing. 

Warnings || Don't give up. Forget the pain of not 'being connected' on a Sunday. Be yourself. Remember how it is to love yourself. When addicted to these good feelings you'll enjoy your Sundays even harder. 

So, when you can tell me everything by commenting below or sending me an email. I want to know how was it? Hard? Good? Are you feeling lighter, happier, freer? Remember that persistence pays. Be patient and watch your Sundays change from stressed to lazy quickly + happily. 

Note || This article was written to make you laugh, just because it's Sunday. 

Words of wisdom 3 || about life

It’s a lot to live up to. These pressures of achieving. From the moment you’re born, you’re pounded with the expectations of what you need to actualize in order to become a success. Go to college. Get married. Raise a family. It’s what you’re supposed to do. The plans you’re supposed to make. The life you’re supposed to live. Diverge from the norm and you’re frowned upon. Questioned. Shunned. There’s something wrong with you if you’re not interested in improving yourself. If you can’t make a commitment of marriage. If you don’t want to have children. So people earn a college degree so they can get a good job. They work at a job they hate just to earn a living. They spend two months’ salary on an engagement ring. They pop out a couple of kids they don’t really want just so they can fit in. Because it’s what their parents did. Because it’s what society expects you to do. Because it’s safer to take the same path everyone else has traveled. Truth is, no one’s listening to Robert Frost.
— S. G. Browne

So true, right?


I've read my horoscope and it started with this quote...

Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.
— Unknown author

Today, monday, I'm a bit tired to really look at things in a new + creative + bold perspective. It has been a 'party-all-weekend-long' (my son turned 1) and getting back on track is/was hard. We are still recovering from all the activity and huge amounts of work + manifestations of love. That's why I want to start this week really s-l-o-w-l-y and using the most perfect tones and I've found just the 'oh-so-perfect-for-a-monday-shop' to resonate with what I'm feeling. Take a look...

Have an amazing week!

Lazy sundays 1 || Breakfast

Hi there, lovely people. Today is Sunday. Lazy Sunday. I love lazy sundays. Staying in bed a little bit longer. Go for a walk. Enjoy the sun. Feel the fresh air. Savor a scrumptious breakfast. Indulge our soul and just relax...

Enjoy your day, it's Sunday!


Images spotted on Pinterest

Words of wisdom 2 || Embracing Springtime

Today is one of the most important days of my life. One year ago my son was born. He changed my life completely. He is my biggest + brightest + happiest gift. There's a 'before Miguel' and an 'after Miguel' time, because now I really know that little did I know about life, love, and happiness. 22|03|2013 it is still so fresh in my mind and in my heart. The waiting, the moment I heard him cry for the first time, the moment I touched him, my tears of joy...

Miguel was born in the happiest of seasons - the Spring. And this is my favorite time of the year. A time of rebirth and inspiration. A time for new beginnings. A time for new opportunities, and new projects. A time to fuel the mind and the soul. So, here's some amazing quotes to embrace springtime and start this new season in a happy tone.   

Spring is when life’s alive in everything.
— Christina Rossetti
Spring makes its own statement, so loud and clear that the gardener seems to be only one of the instruments, not the composer.
— Geoffrey B. Charlesworth
You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep spring from coming.
— Pablo Neruda
An optimist is the human personification of spring.
— Susan J. Bissonette

And my favorite spring quote is...

Spring is nature’s way of saying, “Let’s party!”
— Robin Williams

So, let's party! Happy Saturday. 

Fashion FRIDAY 2 || Hello, Spring.

Dear Spring, welcome. I missed you so much. I longed for the long + sunny days and now you are finally here. It makes me so happy and I truly missed wearing bright clothes. This casual look represents perfectly what spring means to me - simple, fresh, romantic, and soft. Hello, Spring! It's so good to have you back!


Images spotted on Zara


Some days are harder than others. Some days I just don't really feel like getting out of bed. But this idea is just an idea... because I have an (almost!) one year old little man to take care of + business to run + house to love. And while I write this down I notice how blessed I am. I may not feel organized some of the days. I may not earn huge amounts of money. I may feel that some things are not perfect. I may feel alone most of the time (because I'm a 'people person' + working from home does that to us). Yet, I feel blessed.

My life changed immensely in the last few years. And life is showing me that ...

The sad truth is that there are some people who will only be there for you as long as you have something they need. When you no longer serve a purpose to them, they will leave.
— Author unknown

And although this new reality makes me feel sad sometimes I also know that we all have the power of choice. We can choose happiness + love. We can choose to appreciate oneself. And we will always be our greatest lover + supporter. And you know what, gratitude changes everything. So, today, I am grateful for...

  • Myself.
  • My life.
  • My son.
  • My closest family.
  • My closest friends.
  • My health. 
  • My home.
  • My job.
  • My mom.
  • My amazing clients.
  • My creativity.
  • My skills.
  • My resourcefulness.
  • My website + my creative shop + my upcoming projects! 
  • My dreams. 
  • My ability to learn more. 
  • The way I love.
  • My smile.
  • Chocolate.
  • SweptCrazy project

Be friends with optimism. Today. Tomorrow. And the next day...

So, what are you grateful for today?

20 ways to get unstuck

I love travelling. I love to learn new things. I love new cultures. I love tasting new food. I love the discovery, the mesmerizing moments, the 'ahah' places I get to see. Travelling expands my ideas, fuels my creativity, opens my heart to new ways of seeing things and how things can be done. Travelling helps me to get unstuck, to free my mind.

And I miss it. I miss seeing the world. 

And since I cannot feed this desire I have to travel and see the world, I use other techniques to deal with 'stuckiness' in my own cool + fun + happy way.

So here it goes, 20 ways that can help you get unstuck. 

  1. Paint your nails + your lips.

  2. Dance for 10 minutes each day. 

  3. Eat chocolate when you want to. 

  4. Finish what you start. 

  5. If you love sugar, make clever + super healthy substitutions. 

  6. Spend an hour per day away from all the social media craziness. 

  7. Journal daily and release you creative thoughts. 

  8. Be grateful for everything you have. Write about it. Share it. 

  9. Let your past go.

  10. Forget your sorrows. 

  11. Do something that scares you once per day, once per week, once per month. You can pick! 

  12. On mondays create an inspiration board to inspire the week ahead. 

  13. Smile more. Laugh-out-loud. Giggle. (tickle yourself if you need to).

  14. Clean your closet.

  15. Be bold and take risks. Daily.

  16. Be kind to yourself. To others.

  17. Read a novel. 

  18. Take a picture.

  19. Cook a romantic meal. 

  20. Work on your dreams every day.

What will you do today that will help your 'unstuckiness' tomorrow?

BIZ TIPS 2 || Online learning resources (part 1)

The beautiful thing about learning is that nobody can take it away from you.
— B. B. King

Learning is one of my favorite things. I love to learn. I love to acquire new skills. And in the last few years online trainings, ecourses, and even ebooks caught my attention and I've been happily overwhelmed with this huge amount of offerings we currently have at our disposal. It is seriously surprising what we can learn online. So, today I would like to share some of my favorite online resources I've been attracted to and I'm also learning from. 

1. Creative Live

What can I say about Creative Live? Well, words are not enough. You can watch their online courses for free. And these courses go from photography, video and design to business, audio, music and software training. Their education is cost free and accessible to anyone. Adding to all this, the community they've built is amazing. Honestly this is my 'go-to' learning resource on a daily basis. I'm seriously in love. 

Learn. Be inspired.

2. Braid Creative

Kathleen Shannon and Tara Street created Braid Creative to help other creatives with their businesses. I took some of their ecourses and I absolutely love them. They are just fueled with great ideas, insights, and they really make you think and dig in on things (some hard + some easy). Take the plunge and learn something new today!

3. Skillshare

The coolest learning community around the web. This is the place to learn so + so + so many skills from so many areas and from the best teachers... know Seth Godin? He is there toooo! 

And they also have the most inspiring manifesto. And it starts with...

"Learning has no roadblocks, prescribed paths, tests, quizzes, or outdated majors and degrees. It’s driven and powered by students. Here, students never ‘graduate’ because they are lifelong learners. Caps and gowns don’t see the light of day.

Teachers are passionate. Students stay curious. Because curiosity is the compass that leads us to our individual passions."

Oh so inspiring, right?

4. The Define School

At The Define School I want to take ALL ECOURSES. Is that possible? YES! I said it before and I'll say it again learning is one of the most amazing things we can do. Define is a world-wide learning circle, where people from all corners of the globe (fascinating, right?) join hands and make magic

The important thing is not to stop questioning.
— Albert Einstein

I am a constant learner. And I love it. Plus. I'm really happy to show you some of my favorite learning resources online. Part 2 will arrive soon. 

And what about you, do you have any favorite learning resources? Jot them down on the comments below. 


St. Patrick’s Day is an enchanted time - a day to begin transforming winter’s dreams into summer’s magic.
— Adrienne Cook

And i'm back from a crafty weekend. Feeling a bit demoralized because I wasn't able to push things a bit and manage to blog on the weekend. The #the100dayproject launched by Amber Rae is still on. Oh so on. 

So, today, on this special Monday I've curated this wishlist inspired by Saint Patrick's Day. A day of celebration, a day of magic, a day of fun. Happy Monday!


Images spotted on ASOS

FASHION FRIDAY 1 || Colurful Kate Spade

You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep Spring from coming.
— Pablo Neruda

My friday wishlist is amazingly colorful and girly. Inspired by the chic and timeless Kate Spade new collection, I've gathered some of my favorite items. It was hard to pick just these. So hard. Plus, you can really tell I want Spring here and blooming so badly, right?


Images spotted on Kate Spade

Creative pursuits 1 || Food Photography

I grew up listening my grandmother telling stories. I always admired her creativity to capture mine | ours (her grandkids) attention. This was one of her great + truly unique gifts. Little did I know that this was storytelling. I loved it. I loved those silent + really perfect moments. These tidbits of joy nourished the oh so dreamy side of me. 

But I always thought I wasn't a creative person. A dreamer, yes. All the time. But not creative. Yet, I started to enjoy being behind the camera, realizing how much joy came out of these moments while I was trying to pull a perfect frame together. And photography is just like storytelling. It uses images to capture perfect moments + tell a story. At this moment, while I'm reviving all these old feelings I really wish I had a picture capturing those amazingly idyllic moments with my grandmother. 

Back to what brought me here....

Food photography has been on my mind for a while now. It repeatedly teaches me to slow down, to stop, to feel the moment, to be patient. I feel so much joy when I see the piece of yumminess in front of me and capture it. It's my voice, my vision in that unique photo. Isn't that amazing? And I'm in a place of learning and understanding how to be good taking these shots.

Recipe from the book 'Passo a Passo, Cozinha Italiana'

Recipe from the book 'Passo a Passo, Cozinha Italiana'

My goal is to improve my photos. Hugely. So these are the 8 tips I'll try to follow in the next couple of months:

1. Lighting. One of the best places to photograph food is by a window where there is plenty of natural light...

2. Props. Pay attention not only to the arrangement of the food itself but to the context that you put it in including the plate or bowl and any table settings around it...

3. Quickness. Food doesn’t keep it’s appetizing looks for long so as a photographer you’ll need to be well prepared and able to shoot quickly after it’s been cooked before it melts, collapses, wilts and/or changes color...

4. Styling. The way food is set out on the plate is as important as the way you photograph it...

5. Enhancing. Have some vegetable oil on hand and to brush it over food to make it glisten in your shots...

6. 'Get down low'. In most cases you’ll get a more better shot by shooting from down close to plate level (or slightly above it)...

7. Macro that thing. Really focusing in upon just one part of the dish can be an effective way of highlighting the different elements of it...

8. Steam it. Having steam rising off your food can give it a ‘just cooked’ feel... (I think I'm going to pass this one. I can only image myself creating steam on one side and running to the other side to take the photo. Hello messiness! Hello disaster!)

Are you willing to try these new techniques with me? Send me your picks to hello@creativelydonebygina.com.