My #The100DayProject

What Is the 100-Day Project? It’s a celebration of process that encourages everyone to participate in 100 days of making. The great surrender is the process; showing up day after day is the goal. For the 100-Day Project, it’s not about fetishizing finished products—it’s about the process.

So the question is - what could you do with 100 days of making? 

Top 10 Daily Goals

Maybe you’re not perfect, but you’re willing to actually look at yourself and take some kind of accountability. That’s a change. It might not mean that you can turn everything around, but I think there’s something incredibly hopeful about that.
— Brie Larson

It's hard to keep all goals tidy + organized. It's hard to be "up-to-date" on our daily goals. Most of my days I feel pumped + ready to tackle my (always huge) do to list, but I also have other days (a little harder) and on these days I just remember myself that I am not perfect + I am enough and this helps me to not feel frustrated or overwhelmed because I'm not able to finish my daily to-do list. 

I usually I have two different daily goals - personal + professional.  And today I want to share my personal goals with you. 

Top 10 Daily personal Goals:

  1. Relax/ Meditate/ Pray (yes, I'm introducing mediation into my daily routine and I'm really enjoying the benefits. I do think I feel less stressed than usual. Youtube + Spotify are my 'go-to' places every morning). 
  2. Read. (Lately I've been trying to catch up on my reading. I miss it + I also miss reading a good novel. )
  3. Listen 1/2 podcasts. (So addicted to these - Jess Lively + Being Boss).
  4. Take a long bath. (My favorite moment... no doubt).
  5. Take care of me. (Sometimes I forget. Working at home does this kind of thing. Who can relate?) 
  6. Eat breakfast in silence. (not always possible. But I always try to. I love silence + peaceful moments in the morning).
  7. Cook a healthy lunch + snacks for the rest of the day.
  8. Exercise. (My daily routines are scaerce at the moment. I walk 1h per day, but I need more. Any tips? Do you have a favorite "youtuber" + blogger that has a great + super quick exercise routine you''d like to share with yours truly? I would to to hear! )
  9. Have happy family moments.
  10. Tidy up + slow down + review my day. 

Phew, this is my list. Not always doable, not always this perfect. But I always try my best! 

I would love to know what do you usually do. Do you also divide your to-do lists in two? Do you have any great tip on how to tackle both in the most awesome way? 

I can't wait to hear your ideas + tips! Have a great week!


A customer is the most important visitor on our premises. He is not dependent on us. We are dependent on him. He is not an interruption in our work. He is the purpose of it. He is not an outsider in our business. He is part of it. We are not doing him a favor by serving him. He is doing us a favor by giving us an opportunity to do so.

Images are really powerful and can turn a boring website into 'va-va-voom' web address. While building your brand, images take centre stage. They add meaning + power + fun to your online voice.  

Nowadays you don't need to spend huge amounts of money to have superb stock images for your newly created website. Let me tell that you can arrange amazing images for free...


There are several websites already offering free stock images and today I'm sharing my top 5. Here it goes:

  1. Kaboompics 
  2. Unsplash
  3. Death to Stock Photo
  4. Pic Jumbo
  5. Stock Snap

Remember that when you are building a brand you need to think about your client and the amazing experience you want them to feel + enjoy when they visit your website. 

Do everything in your power to make customers go confidently in the direction of their purchase intention.
— Laura Busche

Start by sharing amazing images...


New year. New rules. New organization. You are feeling happy and pumped to embrace all the ideas and this new and amazing year. Hello huge 'to-do' list. Reality sets in and sinks you down. You can't do everything. You feel tired. You feel overwhelmed. You want to hide (but you can't). You need help. 

And this when you need to stop and start organizing and delegating some of these tasks to a Virtual Assistant. This is when I come in with my 10 magic fingers... 

1. EMAIL MANAGEMENT - customer service, frequent questions, general requests, sales and everything that doesn't require your total attention. 

2. PROOFREADING - hello to a new set of eyes :) 

3. SCHEDULE SOCIAL MEDIA - what a relief, no?

4. MANAGE ONLINE FORUMS - scary "overwhelmedland", right?


6. TRANSLATION + TRANSCRIPTIONS - english, french, spanish and portuguese. Podcasts, videos, etc...

7. RESEARCH - I adore. 

8. CALENDAR MANAGEMENT - organization, yes please!

9. GRAPHIC DESIGN - my other creative half. 

10. CHEERLEADING - because in the end we need support, fun times, a bit of laugh. " A cheerleader is a dreamer that never gives up." Yep, that's me and I would love to help you! 

Happy week!



I work online. Full-time. Since 2008. So much as changed since then. I've changed. My life changed. People around me changed. Social media evolved and made us think + behave differently. Our life is online. Every day. And I am tired of being 'on' all the time. 

I think we are being damaged by all these devices, all these apps (that apparently should make ours lives so much easier). Our hands only click + click + click. Our brain is being altered and fully brainwashed. We are no longer present. We longer speak properly or correctly. We are being controlled by #hashtags, #selfies, and #perfectimages. 

Let me clarify:

  1. Social Media is ending our 'in-person' talks. It's hard to talk without anyone introducing 'facebook + instagram + post' or something similar in a sentence. I miss having a long conversation without even mentioning social media. I miss a real + deep + engaged talk. And silence (this kind of silence) it's starting to annoy me deeply.
  2. Social Media is taking stupid to a whole new level. Are we really talking in person as we talk online? How do you even introduce an #hashtag as you speak to another human being (yep!)? Hello new slang... 'lol', 'goof', 'kkk'. Are these real words? Plus, are you living a real online life? Are we all? 
  3. Social Media is killing the engagement and the sense of belonging. Are you really speaking and engaged when you talk with another person or are you looking up (discreetly. NOT!) at your Instagram + Facebook feed? Are you even listening to what the other person is telling you? Are you even here, living you own life? 
  4. We measure our life + our business + our value + our self by the number of 'likes' we get. How sad is this?
  5. Social Media is wasting our time + life. Hi to all procrastinators around. This is my truest + hardest reality. January is ending and I'm still trying to come up with great excuses to some big tasks I envisioned myself doing. These last months have been hard (hello 'personal drama') but these battles I'm facing cannot serve as an excuse to the lack of accomplishments. And now I turn to you... where you able to accomplish anything by spending an entire day scrolling through your Facebook + Instagram + Twitter + Pinterest feed? Do you feel that this really helps your life + business? Or do feel more frustrated? 

What is happening to us? To our businesses? What is happening to those little perfect moments that only we can savor and enjoy (without any clicks + hashtags + likes...)? What is happening to simple life and living? Shall we return to the less is more and leave behind a bit of this social madness? Are you up for the challenge of improving your life. Today. 

Slow down and enjoy life. It’s not only the scenery you miss by going to fast - you also miss the sense of where you are going and why.
— Eddie Cantor


Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.
— Benjamin Franklin

Knowing and learning are two of my major life addictions. I fell in love with podcasts, just as much as I love listening to good music. Sometimes all I need to pump my inspiration and start a new day creatively is to listen to an inspiring conversation. It's so simple...

I have some inspiring shows I follow + listen religiously but I'm always looking for new ones (so if you have a new podcast you just started following + fuels your days, please leave the info in the comments section below!!!). I usually listen these when I'm doing simple + quick creative work, but there are plenty of moments during the day we can use to listen to cool podcasts - traveling + cleaning + cooking. Hello, multi-tasking! 

And today I'm sharing some of my favorite shows from creative entrepreneurs I truly + deeply admire. 

  • The Lively Show - for sure, my favorite. I listen every episode and Jess is such an inspiration in so many ways. All the interviews are filled with juicy information + great tips. I have no words to explain how good it is.
  • Being Boss - a newly + uber creative podcast launched by two superb creative entrepreneurs - Kathleen + Emily! These two are so refreshing + they really make me think about my business + my organization + how I can move forward. 
  • After the Jump - who said art + design couldn't be on a podcast was so wrong. Grace Bonney makes me dream for more with her unique vision. 
  • Joy the Baker Podcast - this one was a real surprise for me. Joy the Baker has a podcast? Really? How amazing is that! She invites the coolest entrepreneurs for an interview. And again, so many lessons + tips + ideas I gained from listening to this amazing podcast. 
  • Elise gets Crafty - the perfect podcast for small + creative business owners. Again so much expertise + juicy infos + creative people. 

And what about you, do you listen any podcast? If so, which one/ones?

Share all the info below because I really love to know some more...


I'm drawn to the clean, fresh and purely white office space. This is the place we work (sometimes more than eight hours per day) and this should be one of the most important places in the house (right after the bedroom + kitchen). Who's with me?

So, 'm really digging the idea to revamp my office space and taking a little lighter + greener + add some scents of wood here and there. I would really like to clean a bit my working are and I've been collecting some cools ideas over Pinterest. I found out I have a really defined style that I love and that I'm truly drawn to (and I didn't know that!). 

I also think that doing these small changes I would be fueling  my creativity and daily happiness. So here are five office spaces I love and would enjoy work in... 

via 79ideas

via 79ideas

via offscreen
via décor8

Do you have a favorite? I just can't pick one! It's a hard battle...

2015. A new year.

It's been a while since I blogged. I know. The last two months of 2014 where hard. I lost my Grandma and my Grandpa (two months apart). And now we all have a new year to face and embrace.

So shall we... start again?

Start again...

If you can

Without sorrow

And without rush.

And the steps you take in the hard road 


Take them in freedom.

Just don't stop

Until you get there.

Don't accept half

When you can have it all. 

And, never satiated,

Keep on harvesting

Unthinkable illusions in the orchard.

And always dreaming and seeing

This amazing adventure happening. 

You are a man, please don't forget!

And this madness is yours,

But only if you lucidly recognize yourself.

And this was my attempt to translate one of my favorite poems - 'Recomeçar' by Miguel Torga. 

May you all have the best year yet! Happy 2015!


Halloween is fun. Although it is not and old tradition here in Portugal, things are getting funnier + happier by the 31st October. This year, SENSISPA celebrated it's 4th year 'in the job' and things couldn't be funnier. The girls had so much fun during the day and the spa looked creatively happy all day long. I was the 'photographer in duty' and I really tried my best to bring the fun to these images. 



Because girls just want to have fun...


Feel the fear and do it anyway.

Quem me conhece sabe que sou medricas até dizer chega. Tenho medo de arriscar, confiar, avançar e criar coisas novas. Tenho medo dos dias de trovoada. Tenho medo de aviões. Tenho medo de não ser feliz, de não conseguir fazer o que amo. Tenho medo de viver uma vida sem amor ou alegria. Tenho medo do escuro. Tenho medo de barulhos estranhos. Tenho medo das alturas. Tenho medo. E pronto. 

Apesar deste "medriquismo", não deixo de criar projectos e avançar (cheia de meio) rumo ao desconhecido. Não deixo de sentir o medo e fazer acontecer. E eis que me proponho uma nova aventura. Ousada, 'pra caramba'! Criativa, mesmo como eu gosto! Uma aventura que tem o meu nome e que adoro. 

Não é novidade que me apaixonei redondamente pela fotografia e chegou a altura de fazer algo mais ousado, mais criativo, mais meu. Começo esta aventura, agora, no Natal (a época luminosa do ano) com 'MINI-SESSÕES NATALÍCIAS' na minha 'terrinha' natal - Adaúfe. 

Tal como disse ontem, quero tentar recriar ao máximo as minhas memórias, o meu passado e as coisas boas que tive e vivi naquele espaço que sempre chamei de casa...

Venham participar nesta aventura natalícia, venham criar memórias giras + divertidas (com um toque de tradição). Para a inscrição basta e enviar um email para


O espírito do Natal chegou ao blog e à minha vida. Este Natal será diferente. Faz quase um mês que a matriarca da família partiu e ainda custa relembrar que não mais sentirei o toque daquelas mãos tão cheias de amor, curiosidade e sabedoria. Nestes últimos dias tenho sentido ainda mais a sua falta...

Porque a saudade aperta e porque quero tentar recriar ao máximo as minhas memórias, o meu passado e as coisas boas que tive e vivi naquele espaço que sempre chamei de CASA (uma casa que não possuía as melhores condições do mundo, mas na qual vivi os melhores momentos, fui amada com perfeição e acolhida com amor e abraços sem fim). 

Porque é sempre bom reproduzir em imagens momentos de amor, decidi neste Natal, fazer as minhas primeiras 'Mini-sessões de Natal' em casa dos meus Avós. Quero, ao máximo, criar mais memórias do que foi e do amor que tive um dia... neste espaço, com casais e famílias especiais. 

Hoje deixo-vos a primeira sessão, "carregadinha" de amor, de alegria, de algumas imperfeições (reparem lá no "Feliz Natal", hehehe...) e de muitos sorrisos (tal como tinha imaginado). Espero que gostem tanto como eu! 

Aqui vai...

Obrigado, Patrícia + Romeu e B.. Foi uma alegria fotografar-vos e deixar este "pedaçinho" da minha história e da história dos meus Avós na vossa vida!

Avó, estejas onde estiveres, penso em ti e amo-te por tudo aquilo que foste e que representas na minha vida. Estes trabalhos de Natal serão feitos sempre contigo no pensamento e no meu coração. 

Se quiserem recriar um momento assim, se quiserem fazer uma visita à nossa CASA de Adaúfe enviem-me um email para 

Tenham um excelente dia!

P.S.: Cada vez gosto mais de fotografar em dias de chuva.


Did you know? I'm a TRENDBLOGGER for THE HIVE CONFERENCE! Wot, wot! 

And what do I do?

I'll share updates from this sunny country on a monthly basis about what blogs to read, brands and magazines to watch.

It's time to share the 'amaze-portuguese-creative-balls' happening around here, right?  So, if you have something worth sharing, shoot me an email at I can't wait to see what you'll show me :)


You don’t make a photograph just with a camera. You bring to the act of photography all the pictures you have seen, the books you have read, the music you have heard, the people you have loved.
— Ansel Adams

I've decided to take my very first Photography Course at Velha a Branca, with Daniel Camacho. I loved every second of it + I want to know & learn more, so much more. Here's some photos I took while I was there...


The Teacher - Daniel Camacho

I do think Photography is an 'OMG' factor in my life. 

Thank you Daniel! 


Photography is fueling my soul and I still pinch myself every time I think of that sunny day that the lovely + pretty Kelly asked me to do a photo shoot around Braga, in August. My very first photo shoot.

First I said 'what?' and then I said 'YES, YES, YES!'. 

Kelly and Tomé are Portuguese but are currently living in Ontario, Canada. They met on an arranged 'blind date' and they spent hours together that day, which morphed into days together in the following weeks, which later became months... and now they're happily + lovingly planning to spend the rest of their life together as husband and wife.

I feel so honored to document their love at their 'portuguese home' here in Braga. It was a blessing to meet both and to take these photos. And it's a blessing to document love!

And now here it is, a lovely photo shoot on a sweet rainy day. 


So pretty + so in love + so kind.

And... I love people who smile when it's raining. What about you? 


Faz 5 dias que partiste. E, hoje, deixo aqui as palavras que escrevi no dia da tua despedida... a Ana ganhou coragem e leu-as para ti. 

Querida Custódia, Avó, partiste e levaste um pedaço de cada um de nós. Mas não nos deixaste. Essa tua força matriarcal, o teu olhar e o teu sorriso curioso e ao mesmo tempo sereno, a tua ternura, a tua forma de comadar os dias não iam deixar que isso acontecesse. Em cada espaço, em cada compasso, em cada sorriso, em cada toque, em cada voz e em cada olhar... estás aqui.

Foram 92 anos alegres, vividos a amar e ser amada profundamente por todos aqueles que te rodeavam. Sempre foste maior que tudo. Os teus filhos, os teus netos e os teus bisnetos ficam com tantas coisas tuas. Temos em nós a tua força. A luta e o sacrifício. A entrega e o prazer pela família. Obrigado por teres estado na nossa vida. Estás sempre connosco.

E, porque nos últimos dias repetias estas palavras vezes sem conta, hoje repetimos nós por ti:

Ouvi-te chamar Custódia, 

O teu nome agradou

Custodinha é de prata

Onde o Senhor encarnou.

Até sempre, Custódia, Mãe, Avó, Bisavó... ou como todos os filhos, genros e noras sempre te trataram... até sempre, Mãezinha! 

FASHION LOVE 9 || The OMG factor

Fashion is not necessarily about labels. It’s not about brands. It’s about something else that comes from within you.
— Ralph Lauren

September flew by so quickly. I have no idea how + when, I just know that October is almost here and with it my birthday. This is the time to start something new + to bring new changes into my life. And I'm ready for them, baby.

While I embrace the new season + this new vibe, I bring you these dreamy + amazing dresses created by the superb Krikor Jabotian.

I love them from top to bottom. They make a statement. They make that kind of statement I want to bring  into my life. It's the OMG factor. My OMG factor.

And what about yourself, what kind of statement do you want to bring into your life?

I await your amazing comments below. Be bold + brave, it's your life we are talking about.