You don’t make a photograph just with a camera. You bring to the act of photography all the pictures you have seen, the books you have read, the music you have heard, the people you have loved.
— Ansel Adams

I've decided to take my very first Photography Course at Velha a Branca, with Daniel Camacho. I loved every second of it + I want to know & learn more, so much more. Here's some photos I took while I was there...


The Teacher - Daniel Camacho

I do think Photography is an 'OMG' factor in my life. 

Thank you Daniel! 


Photography is fueling my soul and I still pinch myself every time I think of that sunny day that the lovely + pretty Kelly asked me to do a photo shoot around Braga, in August. My very first photo shoot.

First I said 'what?' and then I said 'YES, YES, YES!'. 

Kelly and Tomé are Portuguese but are currently living in Ontario, Canada. They met on an arranged 'blind date' and they spent hours together that day, which morphed into days together in the following weeks, which later became months... and now they're happily + lovingly planning to spend the rest of their life together as husband and wife.

I feel so honored to document their love at their 'portuguese home' here in Braga. It was a blessing to meet both and to take these photos. And it's a blessing to document love!

And now here it is, a lovely photo shoot on a sweet rainy day. 


So pretty + so in love + so kind.

And... I love people who smile when it's raining. What about you? 


Faz 5 dias que partiste. E, hoje, deixo aqui as palavras que escrevi no dia da tua despedida... a Ana ganhou coragem e leu-as para ti. 

Querida Custódia, Avó, partiste e levaste um pedaço de cada um de nós. Mas não nos deixaste. Essa tua força matriarcal, o teu olhar e o teu sorriso curioso e ao mesmo tempo sereno, a tua ternura, a tua forma de comadar os dias não iam deixar que isso acontecesse. Em cada espaço, em cada compasso, em cada sorriso, em cada toque, em cada voz e em cada olhar... estás aqui.

Foram 92 anos alegres, vividos a amar e ser amada profundamente por todos aqueles que te rodeavam. Sempre foste maior que tudo. Os teus filhos, os teus netos e os teus bisnetos ficam com tantas coisas tuas. Temos em nós a tua força. A luta e o sacrifício. A entrega e o prazer pela família. Obrigado por teres estado na nossa vida. Estás sempre connosco.

E, porque nos últimos dias repetias estas palavras vezes sem conta, hoje repetimos nós por ti:

Ouvi-te chamar Custódia, 

O teu nome agradou

Custodinha é de prata

Onde o Senhor encarnou.

Até sempre, Custódia, Mãe, Avó, Bisavó... ou como todos os filhos, genros e noras sempre te trataram... até sempre, Mãezinha! 

FASHION LOVE 9 || The OMG factor

Fashion is not necessarily about labels. It’s not about brands. It’s about something else that comes from within you.
— Ralph Lauren

September flew by so quickly. I have no idea how + when, I just know that October is almost here and with it my birthday. This is the time to start something new + to bring new changes into my life. And I'm ready for them, baby.

While I embrace the new season + this new vibe, I bring you these dreamy + amazing dresses created by the superb Krikor Jabotian.

I love them from top to bottom. They make a statement. They make that kind of statement I want to bring  into my life. It's the OMG factor. My OMG factor.

And what about yourself, what kind of statement do you want to bring into your life?

I await your amazing comments below. Be bold + brave, it's your life we are talking about. 

FASHION LOVE 8 || I'm FALL ( for you!

Spring is 'THE' season, but Fall falls right behind it. Maybe it's because I was born in the Fall, maybe it's because I love all the vibrant + warming colors. I really don't know. All I can say is that in these last (amazingly rainy) couple of days I was drawn to that place where I start looking for warmer + comfier clothes to cuddle my heart + my style. 

And let me ask you, have you seen Massimo Dutti's new collection? Want to FALL in love like me? Take a look at these 'oh so chic' colors + perfect looks. Oh my...

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.
— Albert Camus


In 2010 I wrote a poem about what it meant for me to live in a old Portuguese village (it's in portuguese and unfortunately I won't translate it). I've written these words thinking about all the years that I lived with my grandparents, all the years that I've witnessed tradition, happy gatherings, soulful conversations. Yesterday, today, and tomorrow... I want to dedicate these special words to my grandparents. 

These last couple of weeks have been hard for my grandparents, for my mum and my aunts and for all the family in general. Our grandfather is not doing well and it hurts me to accept life as it is right now + it hurts me to accept that everything is changing and that these words that I wrote will no longer be part of my future... but part of my memories. My sweet + loving memories.


To my grandparents...

"Numa manhã de orvalho

Daquelas que trazem na lembrança

As doces memórias de infância.

Memórias de quem fui um dia

Do tempo, da tradição e do passado

Em família, sempre, lado a lado.

Por socalcos, caminhos e carreiros

Vejo as folhas verdejantes nos canteiros.

Espreito por muros e pedras arranjadas

Vejo os campos e colheitas despidas

Por gentes engenhosas e sofridas.

Nas casas ouvem-se vozes, cânticos e folia

Sente-se em pleno esta alegria.

Da doce memória do passado, no ventre

Que nos entra na mente, de repente

De um abraço carente e premente.

Por entre portas, o calor e o amor sentido

Para receber, em pleno, o filho fugido.

A vontade e ânsia de partilhar

É constante e intensa no borbulhar.

Dos tachos e panelas recheadas

Com as couves, as batatas e cenouras plantadas

Da mesa vem o aroma e a saudade

Que traz o Amor da minha Aldeia de verdade. - Gina Palha

With love...


'Lady D'Agony' - Viana do Castelo. Considered the pilgrimage of pilgrimages. Heart + love + old traditions make this one of the most unique popular pilgrimages in Portugal.

They say that 'Viana means love' and I agree! 


"Viana, quem gosta vem. Quem ama, fica."

BEING PERSONAL || Sometimes I forget...

...that I'm not perfect, that I can't do everything, that I can't help everyone, that I can't change anyone, that I can't fix everyone's life, that I can't be someone else, that I can't be everywhere + every time, that I can't work 24/7. take a break, to smile, to not be angry, to forgive, to forget, to move on, to dance, to enjoy myself, to cook with love, to work with love, to love, to cry, to laugh, to live my own life, to be myself. 

It's a lot of 'I's I know. But sometimes I just forget to just be, to relax, to take long + uber deep breaths and be the happy me. 

And what about yourself, what did you forget today?


Pillows became an addiction in my life, in my home. They scream personality + authenticity. They spruce up any home with bold + happy colors, with unique illustrations + patterns + quotes.

Here's some of my best loved pillows...  

Unique + stylish, right? 

Adding some pillows here and there can totally change the room and give a whole new look + super cool personality to our home , don’t you agree?

be bold. take risks.

Today. Tomorrow. The next day. Next week. Next month. Next year. All your life.


When it is fueled by love. When the possible outcome of taking that risk could mean a better future for everyone involved, no matter how hard the road to get there, it’s worth making the leap. When it’s not about you, but about loving someone else, the risk is worth taking. When you aren’t relying on someone else’s positive reaction for it to be worth it, When it pushes you to let go and surrender to what you know is right, it’s worth taking. it’s time to leap.
— Lara Casey

Happy Thursday!


There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.
— Milton Glaser

I believe in creativity. I believe in the ability to learn and evolve. I believe in beauty (eye-catching-beauty). I believe in visuals (great visuals). I believe I'm doing the work I was created for.

I have put my expertise + willingness to develop my craft + my way of helping amazingly creative entrepreneurs. During this time I've found I'm really addicted + in love with graphic design.  

Graphic design is the most perfect tool I use to share what I want to share. It's my way of expressing myself. Almost like art.  And nowadays everything is visual. We are all drawn to colors + great designs + fabulous techniques + engaging combinations. Graphics take an important part in our world and every brand uses them to share their work + products + services.

Here's the top reasons to invest in cool + empowering + creative graphics:

  • Engage your audience + clients on a visual level;
  • Pictures are more powerful than words;
  • Elevate your marketing strategy to a new level;
  • Drive traffic to your website through the different social media channels;

And this where my helping hands & creative move comes in. You can outsource your graphic design to me. So, if you are looking for 'day-to-day' graphics for your business + social media channels, or if you'd like to add cool quotes to your photographs, or maybe you want to revamp your logo & add empowering graphics to your website. I'm here to help you with all that and more. The goal is to create the most unique visuals to match your brand + your voice. 

I would love to turn your brand into something amazingly vibrant + 'eye-catching' so your clients can be empowered + inspired. The imagery is incredibly powerful + influential, and these can be bring either total success or total failure to your entrepreneurial endeavors. It all comes down to the first impression... and whether they love your voice + brand or not.

So, make the investment and hire my 'helping hands' so you can focus your creative mind in developing your business. It's that simple!

Have an amazing weekend!


I want to thank everyone who participated in my very first giveaway! I love to give things! 

So, the winner is...

I know Marta and it's amazing to give this to you, sweet friend! 

Have an amazing day! 

FASHION LOVE 7 || ...and this why I love stripes!

Oh... the Summer. I love these warm days + nights. 

And lately I've been obsessing over these cool stripes. Not the best thing to be attracted to because they only work if you are skinny. But somehow I found myself drawn to them, because I do think they are stylish + go with almost everything. 

When I've spotted this simple + utterly summery dress a few days ago, I had to make this cool collage with it and I love it. I also hope you can enjoy it as much as I do.

Dress by Zara

Dress by Zara

Have an amazing day!

Society6 Giveaway!

Last friday was a great day, I've finally launched my Society6 shop. YAY! The feedback was absolutely great and I couldn't be more happy. I feel truly honored when someone takes time out of their busy day to send some encouragement, so I thought this would be a great opportunity to give back to those who follow this blog + or that follow me over my social media accounts. This is for all of you out there! 

Since I'm feeling so grateful I've decided to host my very first GIVEAWAY. This is oh so cool, right? 

What am I giving away?

One of my Pillows


One of my Mugs


One of my Art Prints

You'll be able to pick the piece and the design from one of these three options from my Society6 shop


STEP 1. Like my new + crazy fun Facebook Page.

STEP 2. Follow "myself + I" :) on Instagram.

STEP 3. Comment on this post with your favorite prize + your name + your email. 

Terms + Conditions:

1 or 2 winners will be randomly selected on Tuesday, August 5th + each winner will receive the prize of their choice from the options I presented!

Each comment to this post equals one entry and must include a name and a valid email address to be eligible. A comment must link to a product from to be considered for this giveaway. One entry per person. Limited to entrants over 18 Worldwide. This giveaway begins as of this post and ends on Tuesday, August 5th. If there is no response from the winner(s) within 3 days, I will select a new winner. Thank you for your cooperation and good luck to everyone!


Hello pretty people! I'm so happy you are here! 

If you are a follower you might have noticed that I made small adjustments around here. Yes, I know. From time to time I like to tweak things a bit. I find this oh so refreshing and inspiring.

I've been a bit quite, but I haven't stopped. No way. I've been working on some new ideas and projects behind the scenes and here's the first one.

Bring the confetti + champagne bubbles in because I've just opened up a new online shop! Here's my new + super cool print shop on SOCIETY6!

I am oh so happy because I had this idea of working with fashion illustration + astrology and well... this new idea is finally live!  

For some of you that don't know Society6 here's a small explanation. Society6 is an online market for all kinds of artists around the world. The artists create and Society6 produces the best products with high quality materials and takes care of delivering the products all around the world on behalf of the artist. Isn't this amazing? Let me tell, it simplifies a lot this process of creating and delivering! 

So, now you can buy my super stylish + girly art prints, iphone cases, tote bags, mugs, and even stylish wall clocks

I'm so happy to bring this idea to life + to show it to the world... and I believe that this is just the beginning. I'll be adding new designs frequently, and I'll keep you posted with updates on my new online shop. Plus, next week I'll bring a small surprise... just to let you know how thankful I am for you company + support! 

Please, visit my shop and in the comments below let me know your thoughts on this new adventure! 

MacGyver and me. Lessons learned.

I am really proud of myself + my business! I know I'm writing this using 'caps' but I HONESTLY + TRULY + MADLY + DEEPLY LOVE TO HELP.

Help is my 'mojo', my 'thing'! 

But I am able to conclude that that's a big problem for me. Why? Because sometimes I just can't say it enough and in the most correct way with those BIG + BOLD WORDS why you should pick me as your Creative VIRTUAL ASSISTANT.

I just feel scared of bragging myself too much because I just want to help and hope you can have some divinity powers to see how cool + happy + resourceful I am. Can you?

Well, I've already said that I don't want to work with everybody on the web. No way. I am not that crazy to go that way. I know for starters that I want to work with the girly ones + the stylish ones + the creative ones + romantic ones + the funny ones. These are the ones I want to work with and it's for them that I write.

And, basically I'm just like MacGyver. Remember him? If not, check this out!

Well, I don't usually use a swiss army knife + duct tape when I work with my clients but I think that I am that resourceful when it comes to finding a solution to a problem + situation! It's all about 'finding a way' + have some imagination and creativity + hold a great desire to learn something new every day. That's me! And being resourceful wasn't the only lesson taught by MacGyver. I've also learned these great life lessons that still resonate with myself + my work + my life. Take a look...

  1. Always be prepared. For anything.
  2. Just when you think you are getting ahead, you find a twist that changes everything. 
  3. It's oh so funny + oh so cool what pops into your head + heart when you're enjoying the work you are doing. True, right?
  4. Some people still go wild + still believe in the power of their dreams.
  5. We always forget something. Hello resourcefulness! 
  6. No matter how brave + talented + good you are, at some point we all need some kind of help. 
  7. Uniqueness can make someone unbelievably special.
  8. When you visit a place, always (but always) make sure you'll leave it the same way you found it. I mean it. (and now you can laugh). 
  9. When the work is finished, relax + grab a yummy delicacy. You deserve it. 
  10. The grass is always greener when you lay on it and roll.
  11. Explosives can ruin everything, even your perfect + awesome hair.
  12. Goals need to be really clear.
  13. People are scared of anyone who runs free.
  14. I can never leave a puzzle run free.
  15. If it comes down to me agains the situation... I don't like that the situation wins. 

Great lessons, right? Do you also have great 'MacGyver lessons' that you apply on your daily life and work? 


The wedding season is here and next Saturday I'll be partying all day long. For this event I'm all about black + gold + red. I'm all about being girly + sexy at the same time. I'm all about being happy + enjoying my body. I'm  all about loving my uniqueness + personality. And you already know that 'girls just wanna have fun'! Right?

For this look I'm creating I've inspired myself in this "uber" stylish girl named Jules! Take a look and do let me know your thoughts in the comments below. 

Have an amazing day!

WISHLIST 8 || clean home décor

July is here, creative people! 

I really don't know if this happened to you... but lately I feel like I am moving so slowly. Seriously true. It really seems like that everything that I do is in slow motion. Emails come in oh so slowly. People seem so off. And it's a bit hard to juggle all and it feels like my mind is in one place and my body in another totally different. ("vacay", where are you my dear?)

I found out that there's something (not someone) to blame. It's not my fault, yay! Knowing that I'm not the guilty one makes me feel oh so much better. The guilty one is Mercury Retrograde

...Mercury Retrograde is always basically going to be taking us backwards like with Christmas Past where we see what we have been saying or thinking and visualizing what is truly possible, and we will go back in order to check out all of our flaws and areas where we pushed too much forward with thinking this is the thing to do, without really feeling if this is the best move for our unique souls purpose path...
— Aquarius Nation

But now things are starting to move again. Slowly, I know... but I'm feeling a little lighter + brighter and to celebrate these fresh new feelings I wanted to share something simple, clean, and soft. 

Products by Julia Paul Pottery

Products by Julia Paul Pottery

Creating these inspiration boards + reading + watching inspiring videos + listening to amazing podcasts helps me a lot. Sometimes it's good to stop. It's good to give thanks + enjoy simple moments + take long deep breaths.

Develop an attitude of gratitude, and give thanks for everything that happens to you, knowing that every step forward is a step toward achieving something bigger and better than your current situation.
— Brian Tracy

Have a great weekend!

FASHION LOVE 5 || bring me these shoes!

Summer days + warm nights + fabulous shoes... go so well together, don't you agree? I know that the long + warm + relaxing nights go better with a pair of comfy shoes, but today I went with something totally different. I need some 'va-va-voom' + 'girl power' to keep rollin' with the blogging around here. Summer is calling and blogging doesn't seem so appealing right now (at least for me) and this always happens around this time of year... 

Cheers to the summer!

Shoes by Massimo Dutti

Shoes by Massimo Dutti